Monday, March 9. 6-8pm.
154 Summit St, Newark, NJ
NJIT Campus Center Atrium – for info (973) 596-3000

It’s not just Flint.

In the last few years, over five million people drank water from systems that violated the EPA’s lead limit. The levels of lead in Newark’s drinking water are some of the highest recently recorded by a large water system in the United States. Yet, denials and delays from city and state officials have failed to keep residents safe from high levels of lead in drinking water.

It’s not just lead.

The panelists are all working to secure a more just, equitable world, and to build investment and awareness of social justice issues in Newark, beyond the water crisis. The panel will share stories of how people in Newark and around the country need to come together across disciplines to fight for stronger environmental protections, including safe drinking water.

Yvette Jordan – a Newark resident and public school teacher.
Shakima Thomas
Sabre Bee
Kristi Pullen – a scientist at the Natural Resources Defense Council and author of the report “Watered Down Justice.”